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#159: Demystifying Counseling with Ann Taylor McNiece

Ann Taylor McNiece is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a wife, a mom, a daughter, and a friend. Over the past few years she has worked in the schools with kids of all ages, in private practice with individuals and couples, and in a community mental health agency where she served low income clients and family reunifying after problems with child abuse.

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#145: Compared to Who with Heather Creekmore

Originally an East Coast native, Heather Creekmore is a church planter/pastor’s wife living in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Through her ministry, Compared to Who?, Heather speaks and writes to encourage Christian women who struggle with body image and comparison. Heather’s passion is seeing women set free from all that holds them back from finding their true purpose in Christ.

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#135: Truth and Grace with Amber Runyon

Amber Runyon is hospice nurse who became a social entrepreneur.  She founded Legacy and Eleventh Candle Co. out of the desire to bring hope to women both in the United States and in Ethiopia who’ve been vulnerable to human trafficking, abuse, exploitation, and addiction, focusing on providing a therapeutic work setting that allows all women a fair chance and opportunity to grow.

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#126: Face Time with Kristen Hatton

Kristen Hatton is the author of Face Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World for teen girls and the teen devotional Get Your Story StraightA third book, The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students, is coming this summer. Kristen is also a blogger, Bible study teacher and speaker for groups of parents, women and teens. In addition to her own blog, she contributes frequently to the Rooted Ministry blog and enCourage women’s blog.

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#103: Strong and Broken All At Once with Lee Blum

Lee Blum is an author and Mental Health Practitioner whose story has become a testimony of how God can use the ugliest parts of your life and turn them into something beautiful. For much of her youth, Lee lived with deep depression and a life-threatening eating disorder. After being hospitalized, and by God’s grace, she made the decision to begin the brave journey to choose a different life - not a perfect life, but one defined by bravery, strength and brokenness.

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#101: Beauty from Pain with Stacey Thacker

Stacey is a wife and girl mom who began blogging after choosing to be open-handed with her story - one that includes a child with a chronic illness and a husband who is still recovering from a life-threatening cardiac event. Self-described as "a believer and writer who loves God’s Word and connecting with women," Stacey has written several books and hundreds of blog posts to encourage other weary moms with the message that God never wastes our pain; He is always working for our good. 

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#91: Connecting Freedom and Fitness with Alisa Keeton

Alisa Keeton has been involved in the fitness world her whole life.  Once God got a hold of her heart she answered the call to create a space and train others to connect faith and fitness- in a way that was not cheesy and gross.  This conversation is about way more than fitness though, so stick around even if you don't consider yourself an athlete.

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