Struggling Sisters

#180: All of the Spring Things with the Struggling Sisters

#180: All of the Spring Things with the Struggling Sisters

This week the Struggling Sisters talk spring. Find out what we found in our planters and what we’re planting next. Some spring blooms have brought up past trauma for Em and there is a little update on the new jobs. Em springs some spring facts on us and Katie discovers what spring fever is. This summer we urge you to join us a Jesus craft camp! Details below, you will LOVE IT!

#176: Struggling Sisters: Community, St. Patrick's Day & Beyond

#176: Struggling Sisters: Community, St. Patrick's Day & Beyond

Do you need a laugh break? Have you always wanted to know the truth about St. Patrick’s Day?

This week we give you a quick rundown of St. Patrick’s day history (as we understand it) and we explore some Irish phrases and accents that we enjoy. The original plan was to focus on community so Emily shared her normal community “fake news”. A quick round of Are You into That? helped us determine we aren’t scrunchie girls anymore, even if it’s cool.

#172: Struggling Sisters: Sanctuary

I don’t even have a place to BE in this house! What am I even going for design-wise?

These are valid and we are here to help! Struggling Sisters are at it again talking about how to make your house into a sanctuary with our organization tips plus ideas on how to make your very own most-favorite spot. Em shares how hard it is to wake up in the mornings and how she likes to live by lamp light most hours of the day. Katie makes fun of Emily accordingly and all is right in the land of the Struggling Sisters. Enjoy!


  • clarification about the future of the podcast and an update on Emily’s job search

  • Katie’s plan to become both a Starbucks Grand Master Coffee Ninja AND a college graduate

  • cheap ways to improve your home

  • our favorite spots in our homes

  • the non-negotiables of house cleaning

  • our design styles according to HGTV

  • tips to keep clutter from piling up


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HGTV Design Personality Quiz




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#164: Struggling Sisters: Family

#164: Struggling Sisters: Family

Is your family weird/amazing/loud/embarrassing/picky? Or at least one of those things? Us too!

The Struggling Sisters talk about strange (and accidentally true crime) family traditions that Em found on the interwebs and we divulge the traditions we have started with our own families. We also did an extensive quiz to find out which Disney family we are. These are the facts: Katie’s family yells, Emily’s family can’t stand DiGiorno and hearing about serial killer families just plain makes us feel better about our own family situations.

#160: Feeling Too Far Behind to Catch Up with Katie Ordway

#160: Feeling Too Far Behind to Catch Up with Katie Ordway

Do you ever feel inadequate because you don’t know enough? Do you tell yourself you’re too behind to ever catch up? In this episode with Katie we discuss her recent decision to follow Jesus and the identity questions she still wrestles with. What we discovered is: the concept of identity is a hard one to wrangle and we all wonder if we’re on the right track from time to time.