The Struggle Well Project


#111 Setting Goals with Lara Casey

Lara Casey is a believer in the “impossible,” helping women to live on purpose through the many hats she wears in her parent company, Lara Casey Media. She founded Southern Weddings magazine a decade ago and is the CEO of Cultivate What Matters. Lara is also the founder of the Making Things Happen movement. Lara frequently speaks on goal-setting, faith, mission-centered business, and is the creator of the PowerSheets Goal Planner.

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#110 Thinking Outside the Box with Elizabeth Quintal

Elizabeth Quintal spent over a decade working with homeless children before making the decision to stay at home full time with her "cheeky" son, to keep writing and styling on her blog Cheeky Days, and to start a subscription box business called Outside The Box.  Outside The Box is a subscription box by a family for families inspiring connection, creativity and community. Elizabeth's goal is to provide families a simple and meaningful way to give back to the community by delivering a curated box every month with a new theme always focused on sharing the value of dreaming big and giving back.

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#109 Slowing Down with Nichole Nordeman

Nichole Nordeman is a recording artist and songwriter with numerous #1 and top 10 singles to her credit and cumulative album sales of over one million. A two-time Gospel Music Association winner for Female Vocalist Of The Year, she has won a total of nine Dove Awards. Nichole is also a single mother who recently publish the book Slow Down that encourages moms to celebrate the every day moments of motherhood. 

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#107: Am I Actually Loveable? with Kelly Flanagan

Dr. Kelly Flanagan is a licensed clinical psychologist and prolific writer. He began his blog in 2012 (UnTangled) and recently published his first full-length book, Loveable. I really wanted you to hear his ideas on this topic because they impacted me a great deal.  Being a mom can really mom with your head because we want to do so well but oftentimes we are pretty sure we are messing it all up.  I learned a lot in this chat and I know you will too!

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#106: Waiting on a Redemption Story with Dana Jones

Dana Jones is a wife and mother of two who is living her dream by using her talent as an artist to create encouraging hand-painted signs. Over the past fourteen years, Dana's signs have evolved, using different kinds of materials and color palettes, as well as layouts and design concepts. She paints what's going on inside her heart, which she says is often inspired by music, encouragement, and God's grace story in her own life.

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105: The Meaningful Mundane with Sara Hagerty

Like many of us, Sara grew up dreaming of being a mom. But after having her heart broken again and again by negative pregnancy tests, she accepted that God's path for her life didn't look much like what she had envisioned. Sara and her husband are now the adoptive parents of four African children, as well as two biological children. Her journey has lead her not only to the family God has designed for her, but into a closer relationship with Him and a search to see herself through His eyes.

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#104: More than Just Making It with Erin Odom

You may know Erin Odom as The Humbled Homemaker; an author, wife and mother of four who runs a blog sharing the moniker. And while it may look like she has it all together, she openly admits that she too struggles to find time to effectively care for her family, spend time with the Lord and run a full-time business. In the episode, she shares her story of how God used her writing talents to help pull her family out of a very challenging time and what she learned about herself in the process.

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#103: Strong and Broken All At Once with Lee Blum

Lee Blum is an author and Mental Health Practitioner whose story has become a testimony of how God can use the ugliest parts of your life and turn them into something beautiful. For much of her youth, Lee lived with deep depression and a life-threatening eating disorder. After being hospitalized, and by God’s grace, she made the decision to begin the brave journey to choose a different life - not a perfect life, but one defined by bravery, strength and brokenness.

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The King's Cupbearer

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Nehemiah. He had a really cushy life and no major problems that we know about.  He had a heart for others which is the reason we know about him today.  Lots to learn from this guy and I outlined my favorites in this mini-episode today. Enjoy!

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#102: Making Old Things New with Megan Craig

Megan is a wife, mother of two young boys, and a self-taught metalsmith and jewelry designer of 15 years. Her passion for creating lead her to become the owner and maker behind New Eve Jewelry in 2012. But there's more behind this company than beautiful hand-made pieces - Megan is using her talents to benefit the needy and send a message of hope to her clients. Each piece of New Eve Jewelry, handcrafted with repurposed materials and semiprecious gemstones, serves as a reminder of God's ability and desire to restore us. 

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#101: Beauty from Pain with Stacey Thacker

Stacey is a wife and girl mom who began blogging after choosing to be open-handed with her story - one that includes a child with a chronic illness and a husband who is still recovering from a life-threatening cardiac event. Self-described as "a believer and writer who loves God’s Word and connecting with women," Stacey has written several books and hundreds of blog posts to encourage other weary moms with the message that God never wastes our pain; He is always working for our good. 

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