The Struggle Well Project


#164: Struggling Sisters: Family

Is your family weird/amazing/loud/embarrassing/picky? Or at least one of those things? Us too!

The Struggling Sisters talk about strange (and accidentally true crime) family traditions that Em found on the interwebs and we divulge the traditions we have started with our own families. We also did an extensive quiz to find out which Disney family we are. These are the facts: Katie’s family yells, Emily’s family can’t stand DiGiorno and hearing about serial killer families just plain makes us feel better about our own family situations.

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#163: The Magic of Empathy with Kim Stuart

Do you frequent the parenting shame cycle? Could you use tips on how to genuinely engage with teenagers? How can you help your children choose quality friendships?

Kimberly Stuart grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, where she learned to be snobbish about corn on the cob and good storytelling. She is the author of eight novels, including the Heidi Elliott series and her most recent book, Heart Land.

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November Problem Solved

Could you use practical tips on how to find your identity outside of motherhood? What can you do to not feel old or out of touch with your ideal style? Are there things you had to put down because of adulting but would like to rediscover? Identity can be a complex and vast concept, but we actually managed to come up with some great tips!

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#160: Feeling Too Far Behind to Catch Up with Katie Ordway

Do you ever feel inadequate because you don’t know enough? Do you tell yourself you’re too behind to ever catch up? In this episode with Katie we discuss her recent decision to follow Jesus and the identity questions she still wrestles with. What we discovered is: the concept of identity is a hard one to wrangle and we all wonder if we’re on the right track from time to time.

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#159: Demystifying Counseling with Ann Taylor McNiece

Ann Taylor McNiece is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a wife, a mom, a daughter, and a friend. Over the past few years she has worked in the schools with kids of all ages, in private practice with individuals and couples, and in a community mental health agency where she served low income clients and family reunifying after problems with child abuse.

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Just Em: Identity

Excited to kick off our first-ever Struggle Well Project Focus! Interestingly, as I studied the concept of identity, I got very involved in the study of icebergs…I know. It’s odd. Just stay with me here. I promise it is interesting.

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October Problem Solved

Fall is here are we’re solving all of your Halloween headaches like picking a couples costume, appropriate trick or treat age limits and handing out candy. We also determine when it’s appropriate to start watching Hallmark Christmas movies and tackle the challenge of getting your kids to wear winter clothes. And our friendship is tested when Rebecky reveals she doesn't like pumpkin spice flavored anything. WHAT?! She’s on probation.

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#156: Preaching to Yourself with Hayley Morgan

Hayley Morgan is a writer, speaker, and social entrepreneur who inspires women to know what is true about God and themselves. Her first book called Wild and Free, co-written with Jess Connolly, was published in May 2016 and quickly became a USA Today Bestseller. She currently runs the women's boutique Nellie Taft, named after an American First Lady and featuring all Made in the USA products.

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