The Main Differences between Amazon Prime and Amazon Business

Currently, Amazon is the largest e-commerce. Many people frequently shop at Amazon whether as a business or a consumer. The e-commerce has products and services for all. Sometimes, employees buy on behalf of the company. There are two main membership programs in Amazon; Amazon Prime and Amazon Business. Both of them have its benefits that are hard for businesses and consumers to ignore. Below are the main differences between Amazon Prime and Amazon Business. 

Amazon Prime is a program that allows Amazon to offer monthly subscriptions to those shoppers who have subscribed to it. After subscriptions, shoppers will get access to free two-day shipping, access to Prime Party and Prime Wardrobe and accessibility to stream movies and TV shows. Amazon Business is a platform that offers purchasing solutions to shoppers. Administrator allows employees to buy supplies on behalf of the company. The admin also manages the methods of payment. Read More :

The perks that are included in Amazon Prime include two days free shipping, earning of rewards for eligible purchases, Prime Now, unlimited Amazon Music and streaming of Amazon Channels. A shopper can also get discounts of pre-orders that are newly released by Amazon. In Amazon Business the perks that are included are excellent business experience and accounts, tracking of orders and tax exceptions. Other benefits that shoppers enjoy include customer support and analytics dashboard. 

For new members, Amazon charges $119 annually and $59 if you are a student. The monthly charges are $12.99 or $6.49 as a student. It gives 30 days’ free trial after that your credit card will be automatically deducted whether monthly or annual fee depending on which you subscribed for. For Amazon Business, the cost depends on how many users you have. Minimum of 10 members costs $499 annually, and for more than 100 users Amazon will charge you $10 099 annually. Amazon Business also offers free 30 days trial.